About Us

Antrea Net India Pvt Ltd is a talent acquisition partner that uses technology  to change the way you hire and manage talent across executive hiring, staffing and resource pools, we enhance accuracy and efficiency with latest tools and technologies. This enables us to take a data-driven approach to decisions. It also means we use analytics to spot patterns in candidate data and gather insight. As a result we are able to bring higher quality, speed and accuracy to talent sourcing!
Antrea Net has been successful in helping clients achieve their strategic objectives including:
• Improving company revenues and cutting costs by optimization of workflow
• Reaching operational excellence
• Developing ideas into viable solutions
• Increasing customer satisfaction

Core Values

As a company, we are committed to operating our business in an ethical, socially responsible, and sustainable manner. We consider it our responsibility to proactively partner with and give back to the local communities in which we operate. Our goal is to make a positive and lasting social impact in areas that align with our core values.

Team Strengths

A robust model for sourcing in order to successfully assess and on-board candidates, continuously catering to various Industries and functions while always meeting strict global standards for cost and quality within tight deadlines. Responsible for the superior hiring program management of a diverse team by utilizing extensive experience in delivery models – for Just in Time recruitment. Effective sourcing models to ensure optimal channel mix and hiring costs, enhancing multiple channels (Referrals, Direct Sourcing, Campus, Targeted Poaching)

Value Proposition


Engage to understand strategic roadmaps, Job requirements, Job role expectations, Client specific processes. and professional services needs Set realistic expectations and share approach to be adapted to meet them.
On-going interaction with client to ensure continuous support and services


Having worked in the professional services & Engineering sectors at Antrea Net have the expertise, services and tools to assist firms effectively monitor and act up on client feedback so as to retain confidence and trust of the clients and to inform time to time about strategic planning, decision making and to maintain competitive advantage.

Key Account Management

Dedicated Sourcing Team
Assign a dedicated sourcing team to work on key account requirements

Strategic Sourcing Approach

Maintain pre-screened DB of Niche resources
Plan for Attritions and no-shows

Our Commitment

Maintain a consistent, promised flow of qualified and pre-screened resources for hiring manager review.
Align our recruiting process to meet client expectations and mandates


Antrea Net India Private Limited

198, Desk No.112, 2nd Floor, CMH Road,
Indiranagar, Bangalore,
Karnataka, India 560 038


PHONE: +9199027 11449

EMAIL: hr@antreanet.com